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in a nutshell

Everybody uses forms and forms are a real pain: print (do you have a printer near you? have enough ink in your cartridge?), fill out and sign by hand, scan or fax (yep, that screeching machine we carry everywhere we go) your form.

How come it is still done in much the same way it was done 20 years ago?!

The various organizations fail to provide quick and thorough solutions (just check the organizations' websites and see it for yourself).
Other available solutions focus on a single person and leave each of us to struggle alone.

Lavlaron, on the other hand, believes a comprehensive problem should be faced together. That's why we convert the 'dumb' forms (word, pdf) into 'smart' ones (i.e.can be fill, sign and send directly from the computer) and stored them into a repository, and that's why we encourage everyone to send us 'dumb' forms they need so we can add them to the repository. Once in the repository, the forms can be shared or even planted in any website for free(!).

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